IB TALK ONLINE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Max Cure Foundation Boss David Plotkin On The Challenges Associated With Pediatric Cancer In The U.S.

David Plotkin

Co-founder and President of The Max Cure Foundation David Plotkin speaks exclusively to Ib Talk Online about pediatric cancer and his foundation’s effort to combat the disease. Photo Credit: Ibrahim Dabo.

On November 10, 2011 during the launching of a new initiativeMax Cure Beyond Barriersof The Max Cure Foundation, an organization committed to research rare pediatric cancers, improve treatments and find cures that save children’s lives, Ib Talk Online Executive Editor Ibrahim Dabo (@IbDabo) caught up with Co-founder and President David Plotkin to talk about why the foundation was started and how they are making a difference.

IBRAHIM DABO: Tell us a little about The Max Cure Foundation

DAVID PLOTKIN: The Max Cure Foundation is a pediatric cancer foundation. We are dedicated to funding the development of less toxic treatment for children battling cancer. Today, chemotherapy and radiation are the effective treatments; however, the side effects of those treatments are harsh. There are long-term side effects that could result in more cancers forming down the road for these children or other diseases developing such as heart diseases, liver and kidney diseases. What you quickly learn when you are going through treatment is that there are so many families that are under physical and emotional stress along with financial stress. Max Cure is also now about lending support to local families that are in need.

IBRAHIM DABO: What inspired you to establish The Max Cure Foundation?

DAVID PLOTKIN: My son Max on May 2, 2007, the day before his fourth birthday, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and we quickly learned how underfunded pediatric cancer research is and we decided to make a difference.

IBRAHIM DABO: What does it mean to you and the families you reach out to help in different ways and bring a glimmer of hope in their lives?

DAVID PLOTKIN: I just think that when you are a child living in Brooklyn, Harlem or wherever you may be living and you’re battling a disease that could potentially take your life, it is really important to have not only the support of your family and friends but to have the support of others that could actually help make a difference. The people here tonight are people that are embracing this cause because they are inspired and each and every one of them have single-handedly raised awareness and they’re raising money. It is very important that we raise awareness because pediatric cancer is the number one leading cause of death amongst children in the United States.

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