Max Cure Foundation Launches ‘Beyond Barriers’ Initiative To Help Fight Pediatric Cancer

David Plotkin

Far right: Co-founder and President of The Max Cure Foundation David Plotkin speaks at the event. Photo credit: Ibrahim Dabo.

Report and Photos by Ibrahim Dabo (@IbDabo)

The Max Cure Foundation on November 10, 2011 launched an initiative, “Max Cure Beyond Barriers,” as part of an effort to fight against pediatric cancer. Two families from New York have been named to benefit from this initiative. The event, hosted at Theory store in New York City, saw guests participate in an exclusive shopping spree with 20% of proceeds going to The Max Cure Foundation for Pediatric Cancer Causes.

Founded in 2008, the foundation is committed to research a cure for rare pediatric cancers, improve treatments of less toxic medications that cures and  saves children’s lives.

John Franco

John Franco is a supporter of The Max Cure Foundation. Photo credit: Ibrahim Dabo.

“We are here to raise money and awareness for a great cause,” said former NY Mets Relief Pitcher, John Franco, shortly before he introduced co-founder and President of The Max Cure Foundation David Plotkin.

In his opening remarks, Plotkin said when a child is diagnosed with cancer, there are barriers that both the child and their family must face. These include language, income, geography and or cultures, he said.

“Understanding first what it’s like to have a child with cancer and the emotional, physical and financial stress that comes with the diagnosis, we at The Max Cure Foundation have started a new initiative which will now become part of our mission and will define who we are,” Plotkin said.

The new initiative, Max Cure Beyond Barriers, will benefit two families, one from Harlem and another from Brooklyn, New York.

“As these families struggle to cure and treat their children, we will be there to lend financial support and provide them with hope, courage and remind them to be brave on this journey,” said Plotkin.

NBA NY Knicks and World Champion Chicago Bulls, Trent Tucker, attended the event and told Ib Talk Online in an exclusive interview that it is an honor to be a part of The Max Cure Foundation team.

Trent Tucker

Trent Tucker has been named Circle of Pride Ambassador for The Max Cure Foundation. Photo credit: Ibrahim Dabo.

“What they are trying to do is very special in terms of giving back to help children with cancer,” Tucker said.

Tucker has been named the Circle of Pride Ambassador for the foundation. Talking about what role he will play, he said: “There probably will be multiple roles but whatever role they ask me to do, as much as I can, I’m willing to do it.”

He asked for more concerted efforts to help fight against cancer, adding that the more the awareness, the better chance it is for getting information to help those suffering from the deadly disease.

MJ Pedone, President of Indra Public Relations, added that it has been such a great experience to work so closely with the Plotkin family on their mission to find a cure for Pediatric Cancer and identify families that will benefit from the support of the Max Cure Foundation.

MJ Pedone

MJ Pedone (center) is helping to raise funds through her network to fight against cancer. Photo credit: Ibrahim Dabo.

“My firm will wear many hats for the Max Cure Foundation and I’m personally excited about presenting the cross marketing opportunities of working with my celebrity clients to help raise awareness and money for this underfunded cause,” said MJ.

“David and I have become such a great team and we are constantly brainstorming on the next event and mission.  September 2012 will be one of the most exciting golf tournaments in NY as Trent Tuckers All 4 Kids Foundation and The Max Cure Foundation unite and host the 2nd Annual All 4 Kids Celebrity Golf & Dinner Gala.”

When asked if Trent Tucker’s good friend Michael Jordan will be attending, MJ responded “that the date is an affirmative in his calendar as well as for many other celebrity participants.“

“My team and I are already working on this event and guarantee that next year will break our fundraising goal,”she said.


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