Michelle Obama Addresses the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Phoenix Awards Dinner and Urges Citizens to Vote

First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama: “Our most fundamental right, our most solemn obligation—to cast our ballots and have our say in the
laws that shape our lives.” Photo credit: Ibrahim Dabo.

By Ibrahim Dabo

WASHINGTON, D.C.—First Lady Michelle Obama delivered an uplifting keynote address at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner on Sept. 22, 2012.

She spoke about some of the nation’s challenges of the past – dating back to the days of the civil rights movement, obstacles confronting society today – such as lack of better opportunities for many children to fulfill their lifelong dreams, issues of health, a look to the future, and the need for Americans to exercise their rights and vote during the upcoming U.S. presidential elections in November.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama: “We know that our journey is far, far from finished.” Photo credit: Ibrahim Dabo.

“We know that our journey is far, far from finished,” Mrs. Obama said. “But in many ways, the path forward for this next generation is far less clear.”

She spoke about the need for better opportunities for children languishing in crumbling schools, those kids growing up in neighborhoods where they don’t have opportunities worthy of their dreams, the 40 percent of black children who are overweight or obese, or the nearly one in two who are on track to develop diabetes in their lifetimes.

“What court case do we bring on their behalf?” Mrs. Obama asked. “What laws can be passed to end those wrongs?”

Mrs. Obama said our laws still shape so many aspects of our lives, “Whether our kids have clean air and safe streets, or not. Whether we invest in education and job training and truly focus on the urgent challenge of getting folks back to work, or not. Whether our sons and daughters who wear our country’s uniforms get the benefits they’ve earned, or not.”

She said citizens of this great country have the responsibility of selecting public servants and for the decisions these public servants make or don’t make.

“As citizens of this great country, that is our most fundamental right, our most solemn obligation—to cast our ballots and have our say in the laws that shape our lives,” Mrs. Obama said.

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